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Introducing Snohomish County Electronics Hobbyist Association

I have built this website in hopes of forming a Snohomish County (North Seattle/Everett) electronics club.

The Snohomish County Electronics Hobbyist Association

I hope to grow at least a small group of interested people for meetings.. then if we have enough interest a HackerSpace, maybe some classes, etc could follow.

Contact me if you’d like to get in on the action and help me put this together.

This has turned into the SnoCo Makers Group. The website is the same: and there is a group that will let you know when we have meetings and workshops.


Snohomish County HackerSpace/MakerSpace?

My wondering is over! There is interest. Please visit to become a member online, view the meetings and workshop dates.


I wonder if there is any interest in setting up a North Seattle/SnoCo hackspace? I’m talking Lynnwood, Bothell, Everett area? Or perhaps even just an “electronics-embedded dev club” of sorts. Everything in the Seattle area is seemingly below I-90. Primary interests would be electronics, embedded development, perhaps some machining.

Send me a message or reply if you have any interest or even if you live north of Seattle and think it’s a poor idea for some reason?


Analog Electronics Radio RF

Amidon Toriod Experimenter Kits

I have been pushing myself to build some IF filters. I’ve never built a front end of a radio; VCO, mixer, filters.. none of it. I started by buying the Amidon Toroid Experimenters kit #2 and #3 as many of the ARRL handbook samples use Amidon part numbers. I ended up switching to another book to do all my research though; “Secrets of RF Design”. Let me let you in on the secret.. it’s a lot of reading, not all of it stimulating. I also bought the “Island Cutter” from QRPme which is probably one of my favorite purchases of the year… armed with that I started building circuits.

If you’re working about purchasing the Amidon Experimenter Kits.. well I have no regrets. It gave me a good selection of options and even some larger one’s I don’t know when I will use but maybe for a switching supply project or something. I ordered a few other small pieces I knew I’d need more than 4 of just to have them on hand.

Amidon Toroid Kits

I really enjoy the circuits around varactor diodes. I’m building an analog front end but for stability I might just end up wwitching to DDS later on but for now for the VCO is a tank circuit. Next step is the mixer..

Varactor Tank Circuit Fun


I probably should still be working on other things, I have a pile of “to-do”s but I needed a little inspiration to keep me at the bench after all this summer fun. My last summer outing is a 7 day backpacking trip in the northern cascades packrafting! That’ll be some seriously needed unplug time. So stay tuned… I ordered about ~$500 worth of electronics for all my up-coming fun.. looking forward to digging into it. I still need to buy an LCR meter, I’ve never owned one and it would be nice to know my inductors is/are “in the ball field” when I wind something using the tables… I can do the math but I think it’d still be nice for a confirmation before I start soldering and making measurements.