YACC40WL – Cheap lasers don’t seem THAT bad.

Yet Another Cheap Chinese 40W Laser.

Okay, 366$.. how could I NOT buy this laser.. I tried to convince myself out of it… they’re in LA, it showed up in 3 days.

I had zero expectations of using the thing as-is. I got spoiled by the Full Spectrum we have in the makerspace; it’s not as fancy as an epilog but you using the print driver you can easily, in plain English, adjust power, speed, number of passes.. the vertical laser alignment.. all things I  rely on. This thing seems to require CoralDraw, launched by some wrapper of a program that adds a menu bar. The program is a plug in of sorts called  LaserDRW but it shows up as CoralLASER. I took an import of an SVG and ran a test run… it worked fine. The laser alignment took about 30 minutes.. really unpacking and all the Styrofoam all over was the only annoying part.

I ran some test fires .. everything works. If I didn’t know better I’d just leave this alone and use it as-is. Its no $3,500  Gen 5 Hobby 20×12.. but not bad. I can’t believe they can ship that much weight for $366. I think if you want an ultra cheap laser and you watch enough youtube videos this thing is a decent purchase. I am glad I had used our laser in the makerspace a couple dozen times with some obvious software; that experience gave me a lot more insight into what I should be looking for.

What will I do?! Well I bought it because I had some recent success with building X axis stepper drives… a couple hundred dollars and I think I can build a decent x-y table. I think I could probably make this into a 800mmx500mm table with easily removable sides and a bench of sorts so that I can etch long items in segments. Obviously I’d have some access control and this is clearly not safe to have open sides .. but I think with precautions I’d be fine…   will I finish this? I hope.. aren’t there already like 2000+ unfinished 40W build blogs out there?

Edit: Link to the eBay auction http://www.ebay.com/itm/-/141690337410?roken=cUgayN&soutkn=EWCTN4




  • trandi
    April 10, 2016 - 5:04 am | Permalink

    interesting… do you have a link with where you bought it from exactly ?

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