Big changes for the workbench coming soon, a new address!

We are looking for a new home and our offer for a house we liked has been accepted. Pending some post-inspection requests and VA appraisal we should be closing on the new home in ~30 days? Who knows the real date.. sooner the better for us of course.

Of course a workshop area was on my “must-have” list while looking. Luck would have it my wife’s favorite house came with ample workshop area. It’s apart from the house but has full power and is quite nice. It’s loaded with stuff they’re using to fix up a few items that need attention with the home. So it’s a bit messy in the photo taken here.

photo from inspection
photo from inspection

The new workshop will give me ~120 ft2 which is roughly half the space I have now. It’s also has some additional store space and is laid out well.

Unfortunately this move means I’ll be a little lacking on the content on the blog as I have been for a few weeks now (vacation followed by a couple weeks of house buying). I’ll be packing up much of my shop shortly, my blogging activities will be strictly writing.

The home will have some free space in which I might be able to host some hackerspace activities for the a while if there is ever interest beyond one other person. We’re located close to downtown Everett, WA. I’d like to get 4 or 5 people together as a start–as always let me know if you’re interested. Thanks for stopping by and I look forward to getting back to some quality bench time in the near future.

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