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MiniSumo Ring

Before I continue on you might have noted a little bit of an absence in my blogging. My wife delivered my first son two weeks ago; a beautiful little man, 8lbs 9 oz, 21.25in. Missing a little sleep isn’t helping but I think we have finally gotten into a schedule that is nearly do-able!

So what have I been working on?! I’ve been dedicating what free time I do to the Snohomish County Makers Group. It’s been a blast but it’s surprising how much work it is to start one up; that’s no bother though because it’s really exciting to see where this will go.

A good friend of mine, also a member of the group, mentioned he was interested in a Sumo Robot competition; or maybe it was me? Well it doesn’t matter, it’s on!

I spend a couple of hours this weekend putting together the ring. There are a couple different standards but the SRS seems to have a pretty good set. I took their rules and modified the ring size and platform specifications based on our desire to use a low-cost platform so it was affordable for anyone to enter.

I used the old nail and pencil trick to draw the circle and a steady hand to saw it out out of a 4′ square piece of  3/4″ plywood..

Ring getting patched

There were some minor imperfections that I used some Elmer’s wood filler on and then sanded flat.

I threw on a 10cm border and painted it glossy white for a nice reflection for edge sensors..

MiniSumo Ring

Next step is pulling the old platform off my little robot and starting over…

Stay tuned!