Delorme InReach SE (per wife mandate)

.. you can track at:


Jetboil Zip

snow peak set w/ utensils

Water Filter

water bladder

toiletries and trail towel

extra pair of hiking shorts, top and socks

mid-layer and rain jacket

bug net

hammock and tarp with assorted rope

20 deg sleeping bag


3/4 length pad

small machete

bug spray

gloves, hat

headlamp and backup led flashlight

emergency/medical/survival kit

7 mountain house freeze dried meals

2 meals rice

2 meals dried jalapeño mac n cheese

tea and coffee for 5 days

pancake mix (1 day)

10 clif bars

assorted snacks

4 AA Batteries

6 AAA batteries

2 jetboil 100g fuel

5 snickers bars

65 liter bag

hiking poles

lightweight seat

I’ll probably borrow my brother’s fishing pole on top of this.

… I may fine tuning this list yet.


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