There is a lot of content out on the internet… a lot.. but it’s amazing how much of it you can burn through on a day full of programming. I started picking up a couple more podcasts just because I’ve been running out my normal subscriptions. I started listening to ZombieTech; a podcast made by the @tymkrs… entertaining and informative. I finished listening to Episode 003 with John (@JohnS_AZ) this afternoon and it really made me think about my content as a blogger. My blog isn’t intended to be a “build this” or “this is how you do it” type of blog but I feel John’s message still applies. If I come along a blog or project site of some sort, more than not, the media describing the project is usually lacking. In the case of YouTube videos, sure.. we get so see the LEDs blink, but there is usually no circuit review, code provided, or schematic provided in PDF. John mentioned how a video of circuit explanation would be helpful for those who want a little more information in line with something like a blog entry that includes some code and description.  I whole heartily agree with him; I’ve also found myself wishing there was more information in an article countless times. So now I have a little guilt now over being a very sloppy blogger. I can do better, even though I’m not writing articles to generate content, nor am I suggesting readers might be interested in building whatever I am; regardless, I’m demanding of myself to do more do-diligence before posting… maybe comment my code better and certainly it’s easy to do some small uncut YouTube videos… even if it’s rocked out on the iPhone. Don’t get me wrong though, you won’t be getting schematic out of me much because I usually don’t build-by-schematic. I will offer you this though: If you’re looking for some content on older blog posts I’ll be happy to go revisit the project and offer an update. Most if not all my blog posts are of snippets of information that are generic enough that you can re-use what I’ve done in something you’re working on. I don’t think I’ve actually posted any “complete” work to date; I imagine that’ll be a rare day when I do.

So thanks for giving that interview John, it was definitely insightful. I look forward to seeing what your site turns into.

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