It’s winter and I’ve gotten a little lazy about hiking. My list of “must-hike” has shrunk and my list of “must-build” has grown… a lot. So this weekend I’ll be strapped to the bench checking out all the items I’ve gotten in the mail and then picking something to work on.

I don’t know what the normal electronics/software engineering personal “blog” gets for hits, and I imagine it has a lot to do with level of content and frequency of updates? My content level is medium-low (compared to blogs such as absorbtions) but I think I do a decent job of updating the last 8 or 9 months I’ve blogged? Wednesday, while at work, I got a weird noise out of my phone I’d never heard. I took a quick peek at my phone and it was WordPress declaring I had a very high peak of abnormal traffic. Well… it wasn’t kidding. Dangerous Prototypes latched on to my last post. I’m guessing they must get a considerable amount of traffic considering the amount of traffic they pushed to my site despite it being a topic I’d find rather niche. My typical traffic is the occasional google search leading someone new trying to get some feature of a PIC to work. Well anyways, the photo says it all.

That's not a normal week!

That’s not a normal week!

.. so back to the bench!

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