I didn’t have a very productive weekend in the workshop. I received a ton of parts Friday and Saturday including the case to the WX radio. I started installing parts and pieces in the case. I’m always very nervous about the first drill hole.. A only made a minor error (so far) and it is nothing noticeable.

I spent much of the weekend with my wife doing little tid bits outside the house. She spent a lot of time home last week so she was sick of being home; that directly translate into a reduction of bench time šŸ˜‰ She did go out for a work thing Saturday and I went down to the Mike and Key game radio swap meet. I purchased a bunch of odds and ends and gave up when my pockets were full and I couldn’t carry anymore.

This morning we went out for a quick bit after sleeping in a little and went for a hike out east. It was relaxing but ate up most of the day. I suspect I won’t end up with a lot of bench time until this next weekend: I will likely have a bunch of overtime at work as I just inherited another project when I’m already way overbooked. I know, better than not having work.

Some of my purchases include a cheapo hot air gun.. For reflow soldering. I don’t know if I made a mistake going cheap? I also bought a new power supply and just a ton of parts. I pulled my last 16pin DIP socket out and can’t believe I didn’t order some last time?! How embarrassing! I also ordered six of the new TAUTIC 18F26K22 dev boards on Tindie and some blog stickers.. Check out those dev boards if you’re into PICs, their pretty slick.

I’ll leave you with a photo of the falls we hit up on our hike today…



    • Chas


      Thank you, the camera is just an iPhone 4S šŸ˜‰ this is actually just a few miles outside of Duvall, Washington ( state ). It’s about 40-50 miles to the northeast of Seattle. It’s a hidden gem on BLM land and gets overlooked because BLM land is widely accepted to be the left-over ugly land with no budget so development doesn’t really happen unless it’s volunteer and they rarely have maps. It’s a nice winter hike as we have heavy snow in the mountains so their out unless you want to break out the snow shoes.

      • Reply

        How is that left over, ugly land.. It’s sad that so many people have lost touch with the appeal of rural areas, especially with the over-population of most cities. Hopefully it remains hidden. Washington is beautiful, and i’ve been all over west coast USA. The people are real and the air is clean.

        And Washington gave us Hendrix… can’t forget that!

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