Wow, an action packaged summer so far… no much bench-time unfortunately but work has let off and I’m working sub-50 hour weeks again thankfully.  I did get to spend some time this weekend on the bench but really not much. I worked on an article for and a little fixing for the wife. I did grab my F550 for its first flight (and mine on something larger than one of those micro-quads as well!). I had no intention of filming this… but my wife ended up taking a poor quality video off a cheapo-camera not meant for it. I’m glad she did.. 🙂 I had a visitor.. some dog being walked couple decided to take an interest in the loud flying thing in the air.. it was a little nerve-racking because I didn’t want any accidents but luckily zero problems and no crashing! I can see the appeal of FPV .. it’s a little hard to determine pitch when they get out a bit. I think I’ll have to invest in something like that.

So here is the grainy video of some dog enjoying his day..

Natalie also took an interest in refreshing her soldering skills and was bragging to her uncle she had been soldering since she was four and was better at it than him… I had her soldering one of the waveform generators I made a PCB for without the proper silkscreen.. good times.



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    I suspect the dog was enjoying the frisbee looking copter more than you did. But I agree that, camera quality aside, it must have been a quite pleasant day.

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