Weller WD1001 and other updates

I’ll get the “other” updates out-of-the-way before talking about my new love! I’ve collected a solid number of PIC development boards over the last couple years and in about 3-4 weeks I’m going to do a review over what I have collected and what I’ve liked and disliked about them. Do you have any suggestions on a board I just can not miss? I am not sponsored, nor do I collect any money from blogging so I’m not going to buy dozens but I’d be willing to buy a few additional boards if someone has been holding off on pulling the trigger on a purchase. I’m not much of a “review” type person but I’m passionate about development boards for prototyping and I would hope my review would help give someone something to think about before purchasing something for their first or second project; PIC based or not. E-mail away!

It’s a changing of the guard on my bench. My beloved EC1002 is being replaced by the WD1001. It took me a while to decide on the WD1 platform. I decided on the WD1001 over the WD1002 strictly based on the pencil. The WMP appears to be more helpful for small circuit soldering. The WD1 base is very robust, it could be used as a weapon in a pinch. They cord to the pencil appears like it’s made from something that’s near impossible to tangle and is very flexible. The stand… a dream. The only thing it was missing out of the box was a connector to ground it. There is a base connector attachment which appears to be a 1/8″ mono tip/sleeve audio-type jack. I’ll just have to build something myself. Otherwise I’m in love with the purchase.

Weller WD1001 boxed

@whixr was really trying to sell me on the Hakko FX-888… he is in love with his. I did consider the purchase despite feeling like the blue/yellow made it difficult for me to take it seriously as a tool. They have a new silver version; Perhaps I’ll buy one to test out and send to my brother. I was also seriously considering Metcal.. but after a little I can tell I’ll have no regrets with the WD1002.

Old and New

Adam Fabio was definitely on team-Metcal and he just about had me sold. It all boiled down to a review of the WD1001 on YouTube and how agile that pencil is.

Check out how close you are to the work with that WMP handle! I really feel in control.

The handle and tip perfect for up-close small work!


Not the most exciting thing in the world, but a good iron really makes like easier. I put my time in with 25 and 35 watt wall corded pencils. The old radio shack models, even the 35W weller… nothing beats a nice thermostatically controlled station.

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