The Hackers Bench Tone Sequencer

@JohnS_AZ shared his beautiful schematic of a tone sequencer [PDF] he designed with me a few weeks ago. I think he designed it for the @tymkrs ? I watched the video and it looked like a fun project, I wasn’t wrong!

John’s webpage is at :

I was shooting for sticking this project into an Altoids tin .. I had low expectations which is good because I’m about 1 cm t0 tall on the trimmers. If I found some lower profile parts and removed my DIP sockets I could pull this off. I’m not that motivated to take care of it but if you want to try you know what to do 😉 I used the Adafruit Altoids tin PCB… I purchased a couple of these a while back; they’re good stuff. The oscillator is up on the top board and then ‘LS90, 4051, VCO and the audio amp are below. I am particularly impressed with John’s use of the Pin 5 input on the LM555 to use it as a VCO; I haven’t seen this done much, usually you’re sticking a cap to ground on this input or letting it float (gasp!). I just have to add some stand-offs and a couple connectors and this project is wrapped up.
My version of his circuit:

Yep, just a little to "thick" to fit in the can... oh well. Stand off's will work :)
Yep, just a little to “thick” to fit in the can… oh well. Stand off’s will work 🙂


John made two great videos of this project:


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