I removed the input AC components today. The drive had a lot of weight in components just to drive a 110V fan. I’ll obviously have to replace that AC fan with a DC fan. It won’t have the CFM output of the original but I won’t be generating the heat it had. This monster was in a building right next to I-405… you can tell is was breathing a lot of fallout it’s whole life. It’s amazing where the dirt and scum has found to hide and how much there is.

I was happy to see the only thing the AC provided power to was the cooling fan and then straight to rectifiers… that’s great news of course.

I know it was wishful thinking but I threw 160 VDC at it… didn’t even blink. I’m just going to have to wait until I can get my hands on more batteries. My 20Ah batteries are looking like they’re going to be garbage… they’re just too far gone I guess. All the recycling tricks are proving to be crap 🙂

Check out that toroid!

Check out that toroid!

Edit: that board up front is the variable voltage rectifier controller… It is also going to be removed

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