Who needs more kids when there’s spectrum analyzers to be had!

My new Toy! The Rigol DSA 815 Spectrum Analyzer

My new Toy! The Rigol DSA 815 Spectrum Analyzer

I haven’t had a lot of time to play with this because well, I just got it. I will sit down and really tear it up … I have filters-galore to design and tune now!


Someone said they needed to take photos of the screen but there is a USB port and it does a find job of taking a snap shot to a drive.. maybe I have a new revision?

.. Next up.. Thursday night I picked up another VFD.. I have been looking for a smaller drive.. well unfortunately this one was really dead. After I pulled this board I looks like there was massive arcing to the ground plane. I also noticed the main inductor was cooked and the IGBT pack looked toasted.. this must have made a little noise went it went! At least I got a nice heat sink with fans out of the deal.


New-used VFD is nearly worthless...

Back to this last weekend: I am not going into what I’m working on because that’s a post for another day. I am working on something with my PIC Clicker… I accidentally toasted the boot loader  because I was throwing caution into the wind and felt like using my PICKit3 to program it… no need for any Mikroe C stuff… but in good faith of trying this out I reloaded the boot-loader from the hex file they provide online (thanks guys), downloaded Mikroe C, and have been writing code with it. I don’t like the change, meh. I can say if I was starting all over it would have been easier starting with one of the EasyPics or PIC Clicker and MikroeC. Lets see how it goes. Below is my first “hellow world” program blinking the LEDs..


.. so if you feel like hooking your Clicker up to the PIC kit.. here is how I did it. The colors are in order there.. just pulled off the clicker.

PICKit3+PIC Clicker

I have hope of finishing up one project “mostly-enough” to post it mid week..

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