We did it,  0xEE.net is live. Our first post is a very detailed look into the PIC UART. This article is a stepping stone for other projects we have lined up. Tell us what you think!

Sunday Morning Tinkering

In other bits I haven’t had a lot of time to do other things, I have been busy building two dev boards and write code for the above mentioned article but my Saturday was spent helping my sister and wife at their yard sale. It came away with a surprise for my daughter and an old Pelco dome camera. Video is a lot more interesting to look at on a scope than it is on an SA.

I also hacked up a super simple camping nightlight for my daughter. We are going camping the weekend after father’s day. I tore a cheap-o handheld temperature gun apart to get the thermopile and had a bunch of spare parts. The battery case and backlighting for the LCD will make a nice nightlight. No switch but she kills the batteries anyways as  her flashlights never get shut off. I’ll have to grab some rechargeables..


I hope you all have a pleasant memorial day weekend. I thank all my fallen military service family, and their families for their service and their sacrifice.

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