Fish Fry announced that they are giving away a Raspberry Pi B through Element 14. If you have the time there is a short interview about the Gertboard add-on or whatever you want to call it with Gert van Loo  — More information can be found on google or my favourite place Not an intentional plug for sparkfun; I don’t have any sponsors or any of that nonsense.

Check out the details on the Raspberry Pi give away at: (opens in new window)

I should probably do more tinkering than posting but I am waiting until I go back to South Dakota and work on my farm house were I have a few LCD monitors ratted away. We only have laptops now so I can’t boot up my Pi yet. I’ll bring it with me to keep me company on those cold nights. T-minus 12 days. Lately I’ve been tweaking on my Tektronix FG 501 signal generator. I’m attempting to make it sweep but my voltage ramp circuit is apparently crap. I should just suck it up and buy a better piece of equipment; I’ll start eBay lurking. The FG 501 is an excellent signal generator if you can find one. My FG is in a single unit cabinet although you can buy multi-bay backplanes for these plugins and that’s where they get fun! Too bad it’s usually expensive and really I should be saving up for something that could be calibrated. I wish Fluke had something decent in FGs; I have an inside connection on heavily discounted vendor returned items.

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