So if anyone runs into an IGBT pack from a York Chiller I’ll do you a solid and give you a pin diagram.

York part number: 031-02061-001

The connector is of this style (p/n from package, I forget which side): 1-794223-0 P/N: A100435CT-ND .. using this you can find both pieces.

.. all TTL is 5V the “/” is a low level input designator. PIN

1: U1 (5VDC)

2: U1+U2 /FAULT

3: U4

4: U5

5: U5+U6 /FAULT

6. T1 (RTD 5K)


8. Vcc (5VDC)

9. Isolated Power (I think this is 24VAC but I’m not sure)

10. U2

11. U3

12. U3+U4 /FAULT

13. U6

14. /RESET

15. T2 (RTD)

16. N/C

17. DC NEG

18. Other side of isolated input I believe.. I blew mine up before I could fully test this.

… as for the IGBT it’s 2, 4, 6 are + (up to 1.2kV) and 1, 3, 5 are the negative side, the others are the 3 phase output. New, this pack is painfully expensive.. $1,400 but maybe you’ll run into a good deal or some “garbage” as I did. Good luck!

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