I currently have all projects on hold while I join a BMP085 break out board from SparkFun with a 8pin PIC into a barometer for my upcoming section hike of the PCT in September (I’m fairly certain I wouldn’t have a job nor wife if I declared I was going to through-hike). This year I’m carrying a DeLorme InReach SE stand alone two way satellite communicator so my wife can track me and send the occasional text message. They declare 100 hours of run time but my tests show that 72 hours is average. This isn’t going to cut it…I’ll likely need 1 full recharge to get me through (via USB cable). This led to my decision that the barometer is getting a larger LiPo battery and I am adding a boost converter… In my rush to get anything finished and somewhat tested I sniffed around eBay and found these 2-5V to 5V boost converters (with USB connector) at a ridiculously low price of 2.50$… It’s obviously coming from China. What a great way to spend some eBay bucks?! I can check that one off assuming these aren’t total garbage. I bought two and they claim 87% efficiency at 3.7V. I’ll check them out and post my results. Now I have to decide if I’m going to Bluetooth data to an android device or if I’ll throw an LCD on my project…I think weight will determine my choice.


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