[Edit: a follow up post includes code]

I owe it to my PICKit3 to give it a proper obituary.

PICKit3-BUR123467218, 1, Side-kick PIC programmer worked long and faithful.  Assisted in countless re-downloads to facilitate troubleshooting poorly written software.  PICKit3 met it’s maker when inadvertently electrocuted with 12VDC. Leaves behind distraught hobbyist programmer companion. You’re gone but not forgotten.

I was finishing up final touches on a 16F629 8 pin PIC that was generating a WWVB broadcast to have a piece of test equipment which will help me write code to receive WWVB ASK time/date information. I accidentally plugged my breadboard into 12VDC. Even with ninja speed I couldn’t get it unplugged in time. The 16F629 and PICKit3 were dead in milliseconds. I had to dig out the PICKit2 to save my weekend. Turns out the only PICs I have that will work with the 2 is a PIC16F628A and a 18F452. So I ported the code to the F628A and tested away on it. I have the code down to what I think is nearly perfect, with nearly perfect timing. I have tapped into the TCON output of a 15$ atomic clock I purchased recently. The clock I receiving the data fine, but it won’t sync for some reason. Two nights in a row with no synchronizing to the actual WWVB so I’m wondering if my 15$ clock just doesn’t work.

I’ll post the code later when I am sure it works. The receiver is on its way from the UK. That’ll be a project sooner than later. I was considering making a breakout/dev board out of the generator but then I saw a seller on Tindie has done that but also married it with a RTC.

The programming for the WWVB was pretty straight forward. Just look it up and capture it from NIST, no reason to repost, but here is a link to the PDF.

EDIT: Ugh, I got retweeted a few times so now I have that I-didn’t-post-code guilt. *IF* you want the code: comment, tweet or e-mail..  I’ll give it to you. I don’t want to post it for free download until I know for certain it’s reliable. I hate to steer someone wrong. Let me know if you want the .HEX file or just the assembly file and you can compile it yourself. I’ll even consider pre-programming a 16F series PIC if you really want it.

Right now the 60KHz transmitter is a function of my signal generator but the parts are on the way to build a solid low power transmitter. Anyone interested in the whole thing on a PCB?

My new PICKit3 and a couple goodies are already ordered along with some goodies…midweek until I can get back to work I suppose.

“To be continued”.

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