Well I should have been up on Bandera Mountain this weekend; I didn’t make it. We ended up at IKEA and so I had a long weekend of building bookshelves. We have a real library now, no 30$ cheap-o shelves, real wood, glass doors.. the works. This is definitely bucket list fodder. I have 20 or 30 boxes of books I can now bring back from my farm in South Dakota. Right now it’s looking a little paltry with only  200 books or so. I’ll drop a photo once it’s a little more populated. I realize IKEA is often synonymous with cheap garbage and certainly they have a lot of $20 desks which I would consider disposable. I think they’ve made a real effort to also provide some quality materials.

While sitting down reading Brave New World (un-recommended by family), I realized I really have a lot of books I need to get to. Few things really ping my mortality like the potential disappointment of not getting to the bulk of the classics.

So Bandera Mountain; a lot of snow, hopefully not a lot of avalanche danger… I’ll see you next weekend.

Other things I need to get to: Seattle Roboticis Society Meeting (Hopefully I’ll see you soon). Seattle Retro-Computing Society… who could resist this?

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