We don’t have “workbenches” any more right? That got boring? Mine is a little pathetic right now. We moved from San Diego out of a tiny 900sq ft apartment with three of us, to this house. So with all this new space I’ve planned on a late May  visit to my house in South Dakota which still has my workbench and much of my test equipment. I’ll post a new photo in a few months, you still won’t see much test equipment, I can’t stand being crowded with test equipment; I like plenty of project/arm room. The bench I’m bringing back was a lucky score; I bought it off an electronics factory (that got out-sourced to China)… Not to mention boxes and boxes and boxes of books. I love looking at workshop photos, please comment with yours!

I think we're suppose to call these "Hacker Spaces" now right?

I think we’re suppose to call these “Hacker Spaces” now right?

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