My current electronics-related online reading/viewing list:

Please comment if you have some great additions! I was (and may consider in the future) rating all the sources based on my own opinion, but I decided against it in case I hurt some feelers.

Full disclosure: My interests are mid-level hobbyists projects, test equipment and tutorials/code examples. In the realm of digital electronics I primarily use microchip based mid-range microcontrollers and I’m most knowledgeable with the 14-bit cores. (think 12F, 16F MCUs) I have some interest in expanding to the MSP430 based MCUs and doing something other than practicing coding in python on my Raspi. I have no interests in Arduino besides admiring someone else’s hard work and deciding if I could do it on a different platform. I started with assembly on the RCA CDP1802 and it’s a hard habit to break. I’ve made a new years resolution to code in C as much as possible this year. I also have a fondness for analog and RF electronics; I was a broadcast engineer for sometime and I feel analog electronics are more challenging than 1’s and 0’s. My interests weigh greatly on how I rate my interest level in electronics blogs as should yours.

vlogs some of the best tech videos on youtube TYMKRS, basic electronics, a lot of music based stuff… The Ben Heck Show  Brad Oakley (Made an R2D2)  Weirdocollector Crafts (makes Z80-based microcomputers) usually tear-downs Gerry Sweeney (Hobbyist), long videos but in depth Frozen Electronics, very basic..

blogs, etc Hack A Day, no original content, just articles a lot of content here, a lot of reviews which I’m not really interested in  Open Source Projects John promises to start on this shortly; This site has some content but it likely to have a lot of great content in the near future. low on depth not updated often, low on content One of the best hobbyist blogs out there not a huge amount of electronics but interesting a personal favorite (podcast with some posting info) (static)

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