1. Jan


    Oh dear, mate, look up some proper tutorial how to do it. I wouldn’t bother for a SOT-23 (or what it is) package with a hot air and paste, it is much simpler to solder that using an iron.


    If you still want to use a paste and hot air, this is how it should be done (using the same gun):


    Generally, unless the part has tons of pins, you have many to solder or it is lead-less (QFN, BGA, etc) package, don’t bother with a paste and reflow.

  2. Chas


    Hello, thanks for the links. I checked out the second link from EEVLOG … I did solder the SOT-23 with my soldering iron first but I had extra boards and parts.. I know soldering the SOT-23 was a stretch with the hot air. I just was looking for a reason to use it 🙂

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