Today was a FR4-AIL day, again. Still no PCBs in the mail today; I suspect this will be a PITA because they never left the Oregon post office.

With that I wasn’t really in the mood for any “real” electronics today. Jayson Tautic mentioned he put Fourth on a PIC 18F14K22 which is pretty cool. It got me thinking, one thing and then another and on to connectivity which lead me digging into the old project bins.

I’m sure it’s been done over and over but it hasn’t been done by me; I’ll see if I can put a PIC online. Maybe a simple text game?

Out of the projects bin came a Rev A11 XPort… well an hour later it went right back into the box. I think the old versions weren’t really friendly for what I was thinking.. next attempt was a Digi One SP. I bought one off eBay a while back; I’m way more familiar with these as I had installed a couple of them for a radio station for some telemetry.

EdgePort/i (USB to RS232) to Null Modem Adapter to Digi One SP to ethernet..

EdgePort/i (USB to RS232) to Null Modem Adapter to Digi One SP to ethernet..

The whole set up on the Digi One SP is pretty easy; logon by web browser, set up a static IP, etc, etc… the only tricky part was Serial Port set up. It would seem the Serial Port Profile setup should be to the “Modem In” profile but in fact to initiate a connection from ethernet you need to choose “Modem Out”. No problem..

So this is how I tested the setup:

I used RealTerm to connect to the serial port, it’s ANSI emulation but I used ASCII so I could the control characters. I connected my EdgePort (USB<–>RS232) through a null modem adapter to the DigiOne SP. On the ethernet side I used Putty; with a little poking I connected to the Digi One with “RAW” TCP to port 2001.

Digi One SP Serial Link Test

Digi One SP Serial Link Test

The connection tidbits are done, now I have to order a wireless bridge so I can get an ethernet port down in my bench (all wifi)… in the mean-time I also set up dyndns with my router because we don’t have a static IP address… TBC.

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