I had a need for this little break-out-board for a bunch of RGB LEDs I had acquired. Have a need?

A special deal to get rid of the boards and LEDs with “unknown” specs. These LEDs look just like the 60mA LEDs from China but I don’t have any specs on these. I based my design on LEDs I have coming in stock.. well unfortunately these LEDs have the blue and green swapped so I took an exacto-knife to pull of the stencil stating which is R, G and B… I want to get rid of these so I’m going to cut you a deal: what do you get? an extra board and an extra LED! A practice board for reflow! These are full functional parts and pieces. I’ve tested every LED on all boards.

Here is what you’ll receive:


RGB LED Special

In the photo you’ll see the arrows. The black arrow represents the negative side of your supply and the colored arrows correspond to the color of the positive (anode) side of each LED.

RGB LED diag


In version 1 of this board I’ve added 100 Ohms resistors. These are the values I needed for my project. If you really happen to need other values let me know and I’ll see what I can do. These work fine on 3.3V as well as 5V.

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