Where did all that 2015-16 content go?

I took a hiatus from blogging for a few years. I decided it’d be clever to start a makerspace. https://snocomakers.org … yeah it worked out but wow I really have to recommend avoiding any part of running a makerspace if you want to have time to do anything else, at all. I didn’t do any lawn work in 2018.. that did not make the wife happy.

In late 2018 I claimed makerspace success. It was a proper makerspace with all the required tools and more and was the largest organization in the state. I decided it was time to step down and let some other folks shape it. So.. I guess, here I am again? I’ll probably drop my hot tips and tricks for starting up a makerspace in a couple weeks.

So on to this missing content business: Short-story-long, I created a cloudy service for access control on doors & equipment which I thought I’d monetize but decided against… however while creating it I moved my hosting package over to an upgraded account. Somehow in the process I lost my backup of this blog… ARG! The last one I had was from late 2014. I know I had a newer one but the backups were on my dead Yoga. So… sorry for all that good stuff missing… oh well. I will probably drop all my code for the cloudy based access control system in the future. It’s in php server side and python on a rpi zero at the reader… nice and cheap. p.s. I dislike Python. It was my first python project, it’ll be my last. Kudos to you if you’re a fan… I think you’re <TAB>insane.

If you showed up here on a 404 and hope to score something I had before I did capture all my media in an FTP upload.. let me know what you’re looking for and I’ll hook you up.


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