Hello, I’m Chas by friends, Charles if you’re going to send me a bill. I’m an industrial and commercial systems automation programmer by day and when I’m not hiking out in the great northwest I’m tinkering with electronics and blogging if it’s remotely of interest. This blog is for me, I don’t need any donations, no links to click to make me money; okay technically I sell some stuff on Tindie, but that’s not what the blog is about. If you find something useful that’s awesome. If you want to send me test equipment I’ll <3 you.

Feedback or direct correspondence? Please! I love bouncing ideas off of friends and it seems like there are fewer amateur enthusiasts as I get older. You have poor English? Don’t worry about it, some of the most interesting people I know speak English as a second language. While we are on the subject of English I was a C student, I’m not a professional writer. In fact, I would say I write poorly. I usually write small commissioning reports and articles in a manner where I’ll jump around writing some key points so I don’t forget them and come back to fill in the blanks, you’ll notice it if you read much of the blog, my thoughts kind of stop in odd places on occasion. I find it difficult to write detailed content that’s reduced down to the point I can communicate the subject matter and my thoughts while keeping the post a reasonable though; good thing it’s free? On the subject of sucking… all my code compiled here. The code is offered AS-IS and for use as inspiration on the best of days. I can be contacted directly at: chas@ then append snocomakers.org.

WTF is PNW? I’m sure you’ve brewed some clever guesses. The PNW is the Pacific Northwest. An area of the northwestern United States and we think the BC is so cool so we invited them to be in our gang as well.

Whats with “iradan.com”? It’s an old corporation I was co-founded. A reminder that money makes the world go round 😉

An interest in the outdoors and electronics coupled with the need to expunge my thoughts is my primary reason for blog; Why a blog though? Facebook posts were just too boring for friends and family; and really who was I talking to anyways?

At The Workbench

Do you also blog? I’d love to follow. I enjoy following a few YouTube channels but the web is full of people asking how to wire up DPDT switches and why their motor-generator-set-perpetual-motion-machine isn’t working like the YouTube guy’s demonstration so it can be hard to cut through the noise and find out what people are working on. Send me a link..

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