All related files I’ve uploaded (as of 2014) and code:

I have found I never update this…. you’ll have to look inline with the articles. I tag fairly well anyhow.


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Files with potential updates can be found at github: and NOT here. My other github is

All files will have target device included in the file name. They’re either in C (.c) or assembly (.asm). For development I use the Microchip XC8 C compiler.

XC8 C based numerically controlled oscillator (NCO)

This code tests “atomic” clocks that take their signal from WWVB by broadcasting the time code in ASK (OOK). It’s written in assembler but writing it in C from scratch would be a breeze.

Assembly code for basic PWM operation

Assembly code for basic rotary encoder use. Output is dumped as an 8bit integer to a port.


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