Jayson Tautic had mentioned, on IRC the other day, a Fourth system with the ability to run on a PIC… that pretty cool (mad scientist stuff!). It prompted me to consider connectivity; I posted my progress on the recent Digi One SP project that came out of that on my last post.

It’s been noticed that Jayson sleeps far fewer hours than I do, this is further proof! At lightning speeds (maybe that’s why he sells a lightning sensor?) he has his Pi running ser2net which connects the internet to a terminal port and from there to the serial port of his PIC running FlashForth. Jayson has Forth running on an 18F14K22 on his 20pin dev board which can also be found on his tindie store. I have never reviewed/commented on someone else’s project but I thought this was extremely clever and demanded attention. He won’t admit it was much of course, he’s far to modest. What’s next? What does this open up for us 8-bit PIC developers? Well I tell you what.. I have some ideas you’ll see in the near future!



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