I was considering a slightly more risqué description to this post but I suppose I need to keep it PG-13ish.

I’ve avoided my work bench a little too much lately. Why stay at home when I can be out in prime hiking season hitting some of those high elevation hikes that are going to be unreachable in a few more months? July-August-September is the best time to hit the cascades up here in the PNW. Well I started feeling a little guilty that I haven’t finishing my portable weather station and it certainly won’t be done maybe winter hiking but I felt it was time to get a jump on it. In an effort to start using more of these little dev boards I’ve picked up from microcontrollershop.com, or tinde: I decided to pull out this little 8 pin dev board because it seemed like it was just big enough to squeeze the bluetooth on top of it. Tautic’s board isn’t really big enough for the module I picked up from Sparkfun as you see in the photo but the extra pins aren’t anything I’m using and I’ll figure out something clever to do with them if they really start to bug me. This is another example of a great tiny little board that can be used on anything. Jayson makes some great boards… I look forward to seeing what else he comes out with. As always, this thing is dirty cheap and I can’t imagine he makes much money selling these.

I promise next post I’ll dig out something that’s actually crap. I was just a huge fan of working with this board. I’ll post some code this fall… but for now I need to find a cheap mountain bike and make some emergency changes to my labor day backpacking plans!



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